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Builders StiltsBuilders / Tradesman Stilts

BS Stilts are used as a substitution from the conventional scaffolding and long ladders.
Used for indoor and outdoor decorating, installations and operating repairs such as suspended ceiling construction, ceiling circuit arrangement, pipes mounting and maintenance, prime spraying, cleaning, fruit plucking, branch trimming and insects eliminating etc
The newly- developed BS Stilts are designated to imitate the movement features of the lower part of human body in line with the principle of human body bionics, which enables you to walk at ease with you own feet on the ground at no inconvenience at all. BS Stilts are well acknowledged in many countries such as the USA, UK etc to name just a few, due to its easy usage, convenient operation, innovative design and nice appearance.
Product features:
Heavy-duty but light in weight
Made of special aviation anodized aluminium
Adjustable heel plates and adjustable leg tubes are attached
Dual-springs system offers more natural walk

Additional Products:

Model Min Height Max Height Weight Load Limit
BS-1523 380mm 585mm 5.8kg 105kg
BS-1830 460mm 765mm 6.2kg 105kg

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